Henry's Cottage has four rooms and kitchen with a large recreation room. Modern equipped kitchen with fridge, freezer and dishwasher. In the cottage there are a toliet, shower and TV with the most common TV channels.. On disposal of 135 squaremetres there is room for 6-8 persons. 

440 € per person / week, boat is included.

The Small Cottage has two rooms and kitchen/living room on a area of 45 squaremetres with room for four persons. The apartment are equipped with shower, toilet, fridge, freezer and TV.

440€ per person / week, boat is included.

Enjoy the life outdoors in the archipelago! Relax with a fishing trip or maybe a vacation with sun and bathing in the wonderful environment. 
We operate the boat rental at the island of Ingmarsö in the middle of the Stockholm Archipelago (approx. 50 kilometres Northeast of Stockholm) so that you, on your own hand can get out among the islands. 
We're offering also good accommodations for both small and larger groups. For more detailed description how you can get to us, email or call us. 

We are a company that runs boat and cottage rental. 
Since the start 2003 we have noticed that all of our clients have their own requests. Some of them wants to only rent a boat, other just a cottage, meanwhile others want to be picked up at the airport an get full service.
We try in every possible way to meet everyones requests. There are package and day prices. It's up to you to custom-make your own packages.
Contact us if you have any questions or want to visit us here on Ingmarsö.
Kindly regards,Henry & Petra Salomonsson


Phone: 004670-4218863